new owner from sunny (for a change) Northern Ireland - hello all

I was just Googling when I came across the owners club, forum etc. so thought I would join, even though I have not got the car yet! It’s paid for but waiting for a problem to be fixed before taking ownership; hopefully it will not be too long as the sun is shining & want to get out in it! I don’t know a lot about cars in general, though bought this car with my wife for a bit of fun & the intention it being a Sunday car & enjoy for the 2 of us now the kids are growing up. Hoping to get a few ideas & help & share experiences etc.

Good morning from Whitstable in Kent,

Enjoy your MX5, hope there is plenty of sunshine and roof down as often as practical.

Welcome! Sure you’ll love it, let’s hope it arrives while the weather is still nice!

Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully it will get fixed, there was an engine warning light on the dash. It was driving fine though, but we asked seller to get it fixed. We were thinking it would be a quick one, but with one thing & another t has not been unfortunately. I think the code pointed to an EGe valve problem, this was replaced but light still on & now from what I understand the engine management system (ECU?) has gone off to England to be looked at/ fixed/replaced/diagnosed, in the hope the fault lies with that. That was how my Googling found the MX5 club, in my impatience to wait. If & when that comes back it is all clear, else I am told (possibly wiring, Cat…) who knows? At this point it is not at my cost, but costing me sun time I suppose. I may have to ask the forum for help if it is ongoing!

double post

Hello & welcome to the forum, enjoy your car 

hi and welcome