New owner. Mk1 1.8 import

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and have posted a couple of things in “MX5 Chat” but I thought I better post in here too. 

Ive bought a MK1 1.8 import and I’m in love with it. However I’m struggling to identify exactly what model it is. It is a 93, blue, mohair roof, electric Windows, 1.8. It does have a ‘Classic’ badge on the back but I can’t really find what difference this makes, especially for the JDM. Perhaps it just added  electric windows and the leather nardi wheel And shifter? 

Another question I have is will it have an LSD and if nobody can tell me for definite are there any sure fire ways for me to find out exactly what kind of diff I have. (I’m interested in drifting it eventually) 


The only early (and generally available) 93-94 1.8 Roadsters in blue (laguna blue) were S-Specials. “Classic” is likely an aftermarket addition.

It would have had 14" BBS wheels as standard, with Bilstein (yellow) shocks and a 4.100 Torsen. A sticker on the door shut will indicate if it had Bilsteins fitted originally.

It looks like it could well be a special then however there’s no bbs alloys anymore which is a big shame.
I’ll have a look at the door shut when I get home thank you very much for your help!

From looking at the photos you posted of the car, it is indeed a laguna blue S-Special, with an aftermarket bumper and wheels, and missing the strut brace (I can see the marks where the brace should have been).