New owner of a NA MX-5

Hi everyone been looking around for an MX5 for a while now and came across a great example I couldn’t pass up this past weekend!

It is a 1997 UK 1.6 standard but with seats and door cards from a Berkley model

Not much rust and a few things done to it like a custom exhaust and suspension!

What do you think


Looks really clean…black is a colour I would definitely consider, especially with the light interior.

Small point the badge on the rear is 1.8, rather than 1.6…

Happy motoring.:+1:

Very shiny and relatively unspoiled…unfortunately pretty rare now but to your advantage.
What will be even more to your long term advantage is getting in ramped up for a pretty thorough “hidden by previous patching” potential rust issues given it’s MOT histories.
Never ever trust other people’s idea of proper rot eradication.
Dig in deep and hard on that one…if it’s a keeper. If not, just stay on top of it and use it as is.

Faz gostosa!

What a beaut! Welcome to the forum madamax!

Great looking car nd very clean Enjoy :+1: