New owner of an MX-5 ND Sport Recaro

I am now the proud custodian of this MX-5 ND Sport Recaro in ceramic metallic, which I collected earlier this week! It’s my third car and I am changing from an Audi TT MK3.

I first test drove an MX-5 in May 2023 and have patiently waited for the right car to appear at the right time. I’m excited to finally enjoy some top-down fun!


Welcome to our community!
The car looks absolutely lovely, and I am sure you are enjoying it!

Talking about the right time, judging by the pic seems like the time is spot on! :smile:

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Welcome, what number is your Recaro?

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A big welcome from another Sport Recaro owner; you are going to absolutely love your car. I’ve had mine for seven years now and have no intention of changing it any time soon. It’s just that little bit different from the norm and the Recaro seats are so comfortable. Hopefully you’ve joined the club too and will be out at some events soon.


Welcome! I have a Soul Red ND Sport Recaro.

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Number 133. Wonder if the previous owner is here somewhere…

One I have seen before, mine is #572

I too have a soul red sport recaro,

Welcome, I’ll post up my number later.
And I have no idea how many calories are in an apple

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Congratulations and welcome and a great choice! I have a ND 1.5 with a BBR reflash and makes a great sound! Rev the nuts off without losing your licence! I have had much faster cars all 300bhp plus but no fun driving a fast car slow much better a slow car fast! Nicer people in a Five I find and great community and a regular wave from fellow Fivers👍🏻


My number is 515

I have a bbr 190 exhaust and every current listed Mazda option, including a cd player between the seats. Perfect, it doesn’t need anything changing… Would I swap it for any other car, no., I think the bbr exhaust cost £2500 fitted to my 2ltr MX5 and it sounds mmmmmmarvelous :blush:


Carplay/Android Auto is a very useful addition.

It certainly is. I had the dealer retrofit CarPlay prior to collection, along with a slew of other minor improvements/repairs. I’ve ordered a wireless CarPlay adapter which should hopefully be arriving in the next couple of days.

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Music is really important :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:

Appreciate some info if the Wireless CarPlay adapter- I have the wired version in my 2017 ND RF launch edition

Hi Sam what wireless adapter have you ordered please?

Hi there, sorry for the slow reply - I hadn’t received it when you asked and wanted to use it for a bit before endorsing (or otherwise).

I got this adapter from Quad Lock. It cost a bit more than some of the options on Amazon, but I wanted to go with a brand I trust to put out a quality product.

In a week of use it’s been really solid. After initially setting up the connection it was a bit slow and glitchy, but I turned my ignition off/on and from the second connection onwards it’s been reliable.

I still keep a charging cable handy in the car because wireless CarPlay seems to drain my phone’s battery life pretty quick, but that’s no fault of the adapter and rather the fact my phone is getting on a bit.

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Another lovely car. Welcome :+1:

Many thanks