New owner recommend me some mats

Hi there, new to the OC thought I’d break the ice by seeking some recommendations from you guys. I’m due to pick up a 1.5 ND tomorrow and need a decent set of mats. Was going to go genuine Mazda but are there better options?

Looking forward to having an ND after 2 NA’s… central locking and power windows… pure luxury!

The so called ‘luxury mats’ are quite good, the less luxury will have wear holes in under a year:

Thanks for that, went to the local dealer today and had a look at those they do seem better quality than the vw gear I’m used to so went for them. Loving the ND so far it’s like a grown up mk1 :slight_smile:

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Worth considering a set of rubber mats for the inclement weather we have had recently , I bought these and they are good quality/ price

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I have purchased rubber mats from MX-5 PARTS for both a MK2 and a MK3.5.
They are good quality and good value for money - but they smell a bit at first!

By the way MX-5 PARTS are offering 10% Valentine’s discount until 17 Feb.