New owners club member from South Yorkshire

Hi guys! im kinda new to online forums and have been lurking here a little bit before i finally managed to snag the perfect MX-5 for me!

I’m entirely new to MX-5 ownership (and car ownership in general) so i thought id introduce myself here before i become more active here :smiley:

(Also i know the 17 inch wheels are a little comical, im planning on buying some nice daisy wheels on sunday. I certainly wouldnt have put them on the car myself)


Welcome! Yes I think I agree with you, about some more ‘traditional’ wheels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wishing you many happy miles ahead,

I was out yesterday in mine and saw a Green MK1 not sure if it was yours though.
Welcome to the fold, enjoy the club and the car :+1:

Where did you end up seeing it? it might have been me actually!

Turning into Tesco in Stairfoot

That was me! i saw you too coming the other way but i didnt get to wave my lights in time :smiley:

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Looks like a V-Spec, BRG with tan interior and finished off with daisies it will look great. :+1:
Welcome to the club.

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Hello fella.

I live in barnsley so will keep an eye out for you on my travels.

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