New posts since last visit ?

Hi guys … I’m pretty sure i’m just being thick, but, is there a ‘New posts since last visit’ button like on the old forum ?

Saves ages scrolling through all the forums. [:)]

Hi Ady…hows it going mate[H] look here



top RHS of page

use the posts not read button top righthand box, you can then filter to new since last visit or new in last day etc etc.  its what i’ve been using to review all new posts and works well, hence I spotted this post…[:D]


Gw beat me to it by 1 minute… LOL

wakey wakey 

no ady, if your  thick,  then at the mo, there are a lot of us out here whoes thick as well, it brings to mind, something along the lines of 

= if the old forums not broken,   then we gota fix it  =   this is my first new post, fingers crossed and all that, regards  leemarb

What’s my name?

 OK, maybe it’s me being thick …
 Going to the  “posts I haven’t read” page and selecting “posts since last visit” (is there a way to make it do this by default, rather than defaulting to ‘show all’, by the way?) … I can click the thread title to get to the first post in the thread, or the “last post” link underneath to get to the - well, the last post! But how can I get to the first post that I haven’t read (in a similar way to clicking the “little black arrow pointing to a little yellow page” icon in the ‘posts since last visit’ list on the old forum)?
 Does that make sense?! [*-)]

yes, it does make sense at the simply answer is you can’t, for which I will apologise… [:(] 

Is that can’t as in “can’t at the moment”, or “can’t, and that’s that”?

its a can’t as in I spent ages trying to work out how this forum did that, then spent ages on the Community Server (CS) support forum looking for the answer to find several threads on there telling me that it was not a feature of this current software release.  So as it stands its a can’t and thats that, and as we have quite a lot of other bits to sort a full CS software upgrade is not on the agenda at this time.   Not that its any help but your not the only person who has missed it and found it a bit of an inconvenience…


 Thanks for the response, Martin.
 This is not a dig at you personally, or any of the rest of the forum team …  but it’s a bit of a joke, isn’t it?! The supposedly “improved” and “better” new forum doesn’t look as nice as the old one, isn’t as user-friendly, and lacks some pretty basic functionality that the old one had. Bit of a retrograde step, innit?
 Did you consider other forum software before settling on this rather sorry affair? What about IPB by Invision?  Linky. (Strangely, the button to add a URL to a post is greyed out for some reason - I had to type the tags manually for that one!) A forum that I helped to set up almost six years ago - this one - uses IPB, and as the forum’s grown the software has grown with it. It’s very powerful, incredibly customisable, and can be customised and skinned so that it looks exactly how you want it to look.

software choice was dictated by the single sign in requirement for website main database and forum. So they told me… Url button activates when you highlight some text.

Err … why? If I highlight some text and click the URL button (and nowhere is it made clear that that’s what one needs to do to make it work), the highlighted text doesn’t appear in either the URL or Link Title boxes of the resultant pop-up, so you have to type it all again anyway. What’s the point? Why not just enable the button full-stop?