New RF 2.0 with me soon!

Good evening, I hope you’re well reading this!

Connor here from Burnley Lancashire and I’m soon to be collecting my new 2020 Sport Tech RF 2.0 manual. Opted for Polymetal Grey and black leather with collection date set to be 3/12/20

This year I came out of 12 years of owning Volkswagen’s, with the final car being a 2020 Polo GTi Plus that after a month didn’t want to start up after getting hot, so following 6 breakdowns in 3 weeks and numerous other failures, it was rejected (through lockdown) and an order for an MX5 was placed!!

I’ve always been a believer in light modification and Adrian Flux has always been there to support!
So on my MX5 I’m looking to do:
Eibach Pro lowering springs
Eibach 15mm spacers
Wheel alignment (advice taken from other posts on here)

Vredestein Wintrac Pro winter tyres going straight onto the car on collection day

Side marker LED lights (due to a lot of night driving)

Possibly looking to also include the Zunsport lower black grille, as I think it suits the personality of the car very well!

Here she is:



Good man, enjoy.

Enjoy, nice car

Hopefully we can be accommodating with insurance for your new vehicle.

Good luck for tomorrow Connor the car looks great.
Welcome to the world of the MX 5

Polymetal Grey looks great applause03
Enjoy :smiley:

Well…can we see it?! :nerd_face:

Good evening
Well… what a car!!
I must admit with being a horribly cold day and a busy one at that, I’ve not really thought to get a picture other than the one attached of it getting it’s winter tyres put on with less than 50 miles on the clock.
I decided to go for a set of 215/45/17 Vredestein Wintrac Pro of which sit lovely and square on the wheel, giving a little more curb protection if such an accident was to occur.

All in all, RRG Mazda in Stockport (Manchester) have been brilliant, very patient with the wait for my previous car rejection to go through and helpful with any request or query I had.

I can’t wait to attend meetings and to enjoy many happy miles behind the wheel!


Lovely car :grin::+1:

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Hi Connor… Lovely car and hoping it’s going well on it’s winter tyres…! My ND2 is just a toy, for fun and supermarket runs (Which are fun in an MX-5!) If it was an everyday car I’d put the winters on too…
Enjoy… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, i am getting a new 2.0 Sport Tech convertible at the beginning of March.

I went for the optional lowering kit and exhaust and cannot wit to get it.

I was wondering if you had the wheel alignment done, was it out from new? I would expect that it left the factory being correct?

However I live only a few miles from link Motorsport (they are in Winsford) and if yours was out, I will take it there and get it checked.

Thanks and I hope you are enjoying the car, although probably not able to go far at the moment.

Hello Connor & Snelly

Something you may consider, if you plan to keep your new MK4’s more than 3 years is proper rust protection.
If you do plan this action I recommend CBS Autos Nelson BB9 7BJ 01282 697413
ask for Carl,



Thanks, I think I will.

This may or not help me as I have no idea how long I will keep the car (at least 3 years), but it will definitely help other people down the line and I am happy to do this…

Just be careful what you apply during the warranty period as Mazda may reject claims on this basis.
I think as long as you pressure wash the underside and arches after winter the MK4 will keep in good shape.
It’s really just the front and back black steel subframe coating the seams to wear off and rust around the welds.
I’d be inclined to paint this with hammerite or similar rather than coating in sticky wax rustproofing, but each to his own.
Race ramps are an excellent way to safely get underneath.

Thanks, I am taking delivery in March, so hopefully the roads shouldn’t be too bad for salt by then… However I will ask Mazda.

Good evening

Absolutely loving the car and everything about it. A few mods down the line and it’s now what I wanted. Just the other night I installed the PACO Motorsport seat lowering kit on both seats and now positions me looking straight in the middle of the windscreen, without obstruction from the sun visors when they’re down.

Mods now include: (all insured)
MX5things smoked amber indicators
Il motorsport smoked side markers and number plate lights
Zunsport lower black grill
Mx5parts antenna
Eibach pro kit
15mm spacers all round
Seat lowering
Delrin door bushes
DRL mod harness

Thanks for the support and feel free to send us any questions.
All the best

Glad you are loving your RF, and with a few choice mods have made the car your own… Enjoy :slight_smile: Rob