New - Roof fitting service at the Rally.

Our popular hood fitting service is fully booked at the rally year after year with many members opting to replace old or damaged hoods at the events.
This year with news of Mazmania retiring from the MX-5 scene, we have arranged a new supply through Autolink UK, who will be providing a new service to the Club at the events.

All new hoods will be fitted with fully refurbished and serviced hood frames and new tension cables all ready to fit to your car, your existing hood and frame will be removed and replaced at the show by the Mazdamenders team. Owners are encouraged to take time with the mazdamenders during installation to ask questions and learn about how their hood works as well as top tips for preserving your new hood’s lifespan, cleaning, drain maintenance etc 

All prices quoted below are rally special rates and include everything to fit your new hood parts, labour, Vat and warranty.
Discounts for Club Members are included - meaning that this is the very best opportunity to replace or upgrade your hood.

Mk1 Replacement hood (Zip out rear plastic window)

Black Vinyl - £295
Black Mohair - £395
Special Order colour vinyl - £315 (order by 14th September)

Mk2 Replacement hood (Glass rear window)

Black Vinyl - £440
Black Mohair - £580
Special Order colour vinyl - £485 (order by 14th September)

Mk1 to Mk2 Upgrade Glass rear window and including frame and side plates

Black Vinyl - £540
Black Mohair - £680
Special Order colour vinyl - £590 (order by 14th September)

Mk3 Replacement hood - Please call 


All Hoods require to be booked in advance and slots are limited on the day.

Prices include all VAT, parts and labour - please note however on the day any maintenance items such as rain rails or soft top catches, bolts, trim buttons that may be missing or damaged on your car will be discussed with you and small additional fees may need to be paid, please see below for prices for these items which will be available through the Mazdmenders and Autolink team on the day.  Your rain rail will be removed and overhauled on the day, made watertight and refitted, with your new hood. If your hood has already been replaced, due to the fragile nature of this item it may be previously damaged, the condition of your rain rail will be discussed with you when the hood is being removed.

Please discuss any known issues at the time of booking and if you would like to replace any items such as latches or catches on your existing hood (as these will be transferred to your new hood from the existing one) or if you would like to install a new rain rail with your hood please let the team know when you call.

Owners opting for the popular mk2 upgrade to the mk1, please note that due to restrictions on the day it will not be possible to install heated rear windscreens, where no existing cabling and switch gear exists. Guidance will be given on how to go about this after the show or alternatively please discuss any upgrade at the time of booking as it will require additional time and may impact other hood installations.

Hood frames are replaced on a like for like basis, except in the instance of upgrade from mk1 - mk2 where a new hood frame and side lifter plates are required. In the event that your existing hood frame is damaged beyond repair a replacement frame a charge may be applied. (mk1-£58, mk2-£78) the team will keep you appraised of any and all developments on the day.

Additional incidental items 

Refurbished rain rail  £44.00
New rain rail £190.00
Soft top Catch £3.00
Replacement hood latch  £10.00
Frame Bolt  £1.00
Trim buttons £0.25
Rail Nuts £0.50

For all enquires and to book a fitting at the rally - please call Autolink UK on 01556 509088