New Soft Top

So was just having a wee look - planning ahead - my soft top has a couple of small cracks in the side not an issue at present & it’ll get me through the winter & beyond (I think) but had a look about for someone local and came accross these guys

Who get the soft tops from these guys the cost of a stayfast mohair for my NB would be £373.80 (excluding VAT) vinyl is £300 (excluding VAT) & I’d assume an hours fitting from the other guys at say £50-£70 so I reckon all in around the £500 mark all in.


Seems about the normal to me ?

Fitting price will be good at that price? but seems a tad low, £50 is just way out buddy and so is a hr to fit from scratch I would assume longer and higher…


Thought about doing it yourself? I am just building a detailed walk through guide on the subject from start to finish, we are also fitting hoods at the clubs National Rally…


Our new mohair hood took 2-2.5 hours to fit.  Total cost was £650 and that included Paul coming from Stockport to Worcestershire to fit it.