New to mazda mx5 club!norfolk fives

New to Mx5 owners club,looking forward to receiving welcome pack!
Just purchased my first mazda Mx5 2 weeks ago,2.0l Sport 2008 MK3 in black.
Never had a mazda before but a good friend asked me to test drive one as its so much fun. I did it and loved it!always had bmws before but once i test drived a mazda ill never look back!!
Looking forward to meeting the norfolk fives, i believe the 3rd wednesday of each month?
Good time ahead😀be good to hear from the norfolk lot
Kind regards
Hunter 99


Done a few little touches to it here and there,nothing performance just personal exterior stuff.looking forward to meeting you all soon

Welcome to the world of MX-5ing :+1:

Have fun and here’s to many miles of happy top down motoring.

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Welcome from North Notts. Hope you enjoy the “topless” motoring and the miles of smiles in your 5.

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Welcome and enjoy

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Cheers Togs

Thanks Jopa21,been awesome so far,great community

Cheers Pat,hopefully see you guys on a meet one day

Welcome to Norfolk Fives,
Looks a bit of a ‘stealth’ car it’s incredibly shiny, got to be a contender in one of our ‘show and shine’ events.
This Wednesday is a ‘Grand Tour’ pub meet. All stuff on website and also Facebook.
David-H (Norfolk Fives)

Thanks for the welcome David,its a shame im working till lates this week so im not going to get there in time.
Cant wait to get to a meet with you and the club soon.
Will keep checking the forum and put my name down for an event i know im going to be able to make :smiley:
See you soon

Welcome to “The 5’s”.

I have 2 NB’s Year 2000, in as new condition they are fantastic cars and are on the road 6 months on 6 months off.

Clive Manser.

South Central.

Awesome stuff,looking forward to seeing your mx’s!
See you at a meet soon clive