New to Miata in East Sussex

Hi, new to the world of the Miata, just joined up tonight. Owned a 2017 1.5 Sport Nav ND two weeks. Already in love with it. !
Top down 80% of my time with it so far.
Added red LED lights in the footwell and boot so we can actually see, ACC power link from mx5things and sealed the paint. Hoping to take small tours in the U.K. and graduate to touring in Europe.



Welcome to the club, hope you enjoy your Mazda MX5!
Miata is a nasty American product. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Welcome all new owners, no matter what they choose to call their car, whether MX-5, Miata or Roadster.

I own a Eunos Roadster

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I had no idea, thank you for the correction.
All I can think about at the moment is when I can drive it next. I had two 626s in the late 90’s that I loved and I’ve realised that I haven’t enjoyed any cars made by anyone else that I’ve owned.

Welcome, have seen many of your posts over on the East Sussex FB page

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Welcome Cristaples
I see the Belle Tout Lighthouse :face_with_monocle:
We were there in 2015 with our NC.
Beautiful road :sunglasses:

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Thank you.
We have some fantastic Roads from Eastbourne to Seaford and through to the village of Alfriston and on to Arlington reservoir, it was my first run in twighlight on my way home the day we got the ND, scared my brother-in-law a bit on the high’n’over section near Alfriston.

Lovely twisty places!