New to MX-5 life

Hello Guys

Just bought my first MX-5, it’s a 2008 Niseko PRHT.

Just thought I’d say hello to you all. Looking forward to meeting up.


Welcome aboard.
That’s a smart looking motor.

Try to get the top down as often as you can and have fun :+1:

I have a funny feeling that it won’t stay that clean for very long. Hopefully we can all meet up before too long

Thanks Guys.

It’s booked in with Tony@wim to have the coil springs replaced and full geo set up. The gap between the front tyre and arch is huge!

WIM? :thinking:

Welcome :+1:

WIM is wheels in motion at chesham. Other members have recommended Tony as a guru at setting up the 5’s chassis. He said the MX-5 has the best two seater chassis he’s ever seen when set up correctly.

He’s a 2 hour drive for me but every member that’s used him have said it’s transformed their 5.


Oh it will lol, I’m a bit of a anarack on car detailing. I’ve giving it a full 3 stage paint correction and got the supermarket car dings PDR out of both doors.

The photo was taken on the way back from a drive to the east coast. Roof down all the way! :grin:

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