New to mx5 scene

Recently purchased my mx5 miyako, and really enjoying the experience. I was wondering if it’s known on here as it has aMX5 owners club sticker on the boot, the registration is YE60EHU


Welcome along!

Howdy and welcome

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… You are here with many enjoying their own experiences with their '5’s…! :slight_smile:

Hello from another Woody up in South Yorkshire and welcome to the club
Was tempted with a Miyako but opted for a 2012 PRHT Venture in the end.
Enjoy the world of MX5 ownership

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I was just wondering as the pubs are opening next week does this mean local meets will be on, I live on the border of Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

Hello and welcome from a woodie from the midlands enjoy your 5 :sunny: