New to the Forum just saying Hi (M0KAV) any radio hams

Hi all Im far west on the Lizard not to far from Poldhu. I noted a couple of call signs on some of the members topics, Pete I know already (didn’t know he had an MX5 though) interesting to hear of any others maybe get an MX5 net going…lol


My car is Silver Mk3 2.0 Sport with loads of OEM bits fitted by previous owner and Ebachs. Hope to see you down the road.

Greetings from M0MXV located in Suffolk.

oh, and in an earlier life was BRS35736

If you received a pointless QSL card from that period, I apologise.

Hello and welcome    not any more but was VB2068

Hi there… in my earlier life I was G8VCK  but not anymore…

Welcome to the forum

A bit like MX5 Wink


Hi Rob here,


was G1CZS in Jan 1984 studied for Morse Test within first year so now G0AKU as from 4 Jan 1985 QTH E Port Cheshire, MK1 Eunos 1991 BRG V Spec BRG 1600cc owned for 11 years still a mile 73s  Rob.

Indeed, but also like 1015 which, after a cracking Tech Day, was how old my knees felt on Monday morning.

MXV on my radio licence

NBV on my reg plate

What three letter suffix ending in V will be next? Answers on a postcard please.


Just came across this while looking for something else.
Hi from G6BJY

Welcome and greetings from M0PDX. Not that I have been on the air recently, not since my antenna came down about a year ago and I haven’t got around to fixing / replacing it.

Hi from G1SCY East Cornwall.

Not active unfortunately  Tried 2 metres have a couple of 2 metere scanners doesn’t seem a lot of activety.  Did meet up with a guy on ‘Kit Hill’  on 10 talking to Canada one morning but otherwise dead this end of Cornwall unless some one knows better


Hello from G0IFS on the north Kent coast, I am active on all bands 160 to 10 metres HF and 2/70 on VHF. Currently driving ND sport nav and previously NC limited edition.

You may hear me on SDR receivers operating 160AM from 4.30 pm till 6.00, do call if you hear me on any band, interested in meeting MX5 owners ‘on air’.

         regards Nigel.

Hi from G0SJI in Hampshire

I’m a newbie both to the MX5 Club and the forum. My car is a 2010, 3.5, 2l manual Sport Tech with the lovely convertible hardtop  

I’ve always had a 2m/70cm transceiver in my previous cars and miss that in my MX5 - has anyone fitted one in theirs?  There doesn’t seem to be any space anywhere for a radio (not even just the front panel!) or an antenna…  

Replacing the built-in antenna with one to serve both commercial and ham radio seems an option, but how successful is that?  I’ve heard a lot of negatives about it. 

Regards Ursula