New to the MX-5 world!

I’m a long time VW owner, currently running a 2016 Golf R & a 92 GTi but have just bought an ND from another forum member A33lex, so looking forward to the joys of open top MX-5 motoring!


Hi there and welcome, I’m quite new to the club and forum but I’ve owned a 2.0 NB and now a 2.0 NC Icon over the past 5 years - and a 206CC but let’s not go there…

I love Golf Rs and GTIs but every time I see one I think, “well you’re faster, but you can NEVER put your roof down” and that makes me feel all superior! :sunglasses:

I am also in the fortunate position that I have a 2 year old Golf GTi and a Mk1 MX5. I use the Golf most days, but when I know its not going to rain I get the MX5 out of the garage. They are completely different cars, but I feel more relaxed and enjoy the drive more in the MX5 - even taking a longer way home to go down some country roads…

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Welcome Jenkian,
You will find there is no short way home or even a direct route with a MX5, have fun.

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So, here I am -