New to the National Rally? - Overview required.

Hi there,

As a new (ish) club member and certainly new to the concept of a car rally,
please could one of you post an overview of what the rally is about, what you do?

I’m assuming look at other club member cars, lots of chat and laughs.

Do we have our Mx5 area?

Will you all be in NA, NB or NC models so my ND will be lonely?

thanks in advance for any info you can give me


There are Owners Club area stands; limited spots, so you need to contact your local Area Coordinator, which is included in the membership pack you will have received when you signed up to the Owners Club. Members get a free gift upon production of their membership number and entry hanger.

These days, there are probably 1500-2500 MX5s in attendance, no shortage of NDs. Even a few Fiat interlopers. Most cars will be NB-NC variants. I’ve noticed that Mk1s, as a proportion, are diminishing. People generally don’t hang around their cars, so it might be hard speaking to the owner of a car you spot in that sea of MX5s

The rallies generally have lots of trader stands, plus owner autojumble (not so much used parts from traders), and for many people, thats the principle purpose of the day; you will see some people starting to leave at 1pm once they are spent up.

You can socialize with other owners on the area stands. There are the competition displays, which generally have a good spread of entries, of all Marks.

There are driving challenges; some sort of course where you can test your skills against the clock (its on grass, so not too fast).

Basically, a car show.

Don’t forget that the venue usually has something to offer too. For example, at Gaydon there was the heritage motor museum, Goodwood had the grand prix circuit and collection etc. This year’s event is at Ragley Hall and I believe there will be the opportunity to go around the stately home. To the OP, I don’t know if you got the latest issue of Soft Top Hard Top when you joined. That has all the details of this year’s rally in September.

Someone will be creating a sticky thread soon, with a general overview, FAQ, and any news, because there are always last minute addition/changes to the programme.

This should give you a taster of what it’s like, but it doesn’t show you the full atmosphere and the friends you will make.

If/when you do go please take your folding camping chairs as a number 1 priority.


I might remember to do that this year. I don’t know if the club is going to allow anyone to sell a boot load of bits, or insist on everyone paying for an autojumble pitch.

Hi GC, if you take a look at the ‘front Page’ of the OC you will see this…

As previous members have said alwayd speak to your local AC as to see if they have a club stand, or other members will be going…

There are plenty of traders and in particular MX5 Parts always have the largest display of on the day discounted parts with free delivery if required…



Hi GC once more I have just tried to PM you and your INBOX is full, as are just a forum registered member and not a full OC member (£35P/A) your inbox is restricted to the number of PM’s you can have…

Thanks for the advice about limited messages in my inbox, I have deleted some of them.


Having read comment about “areas”, I had a look at MK / Chilterns and that (my) area doesn’t look very active




I watched the video link that was posted (of the 25th Anniversary. Wow - so many cars.

It looks great.

Should I assume that this is a “members” Rally - rather than an ‘only belong to the forum’ rally ?



GC you can still turn up may be an entry fee as you do not have the entry hanger as sent out in the August STHT magazine…still not to late to become a member only £35, for that you get an A4 full colour bi-monthly magazine full of tech advice, discounts, and much much more, and of course FREE entry to both the Spring and Autumn rallys. not forgetting lots of banter with your local region and outings…what you waiting for…you could even join up at the national on the day…


take a look at this…

they also have a FB page




The forum belongs to the Owners Club, funded through membership subscription. Become a paid up member, and there is more.



Hi GC, if you take a look at the ‘front Page’ of the OC you will see this…





I wish I could make that work.

When I look at the Front Page and Events all I get is the resource has been moved?

Any ideas?




Works for me Grant…try it this way…

Thank you I believe I had been using an older version bookmarked on my laptop…silly mistake. Forgive me I’m old.

John I have been convinced to enter my car in the competition. Foolish I know but it gives me an excuse to drive to Ragley Hall.



Many thanks for all your great replies.

I’ve bought my membership - so now I’m a fully signed up member and looking forward to seeing you all at the national rally.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
I’m going to work on a couple of ways to give my seats a tad more lumber support.


Best regards


Steve (aka GC)

hi what does it cost to bring a guest in there car none mx5