New ZSport ND Owner

Hey everyone. New ND Z-Sport owner around 3 weeks in. Loving every minute of it so far.

Based in B79 so close to both east and west mids groups so have joined both on Facebook.

Looking forward to my MX5 journey!


Welcome! I’ve always liked the soft top in that colour. It makes a nice change from black.


Welcome and congratulations just wish they had put either grey or burgundy leather seats inside as the beige doesn’t go in my opinion
Regardless bloody lovely car :+1:t2:

Welcome. I too live in B79.
Will keep an eye open for you :wink:

Wasn’t too sure on the colour combo at first, but I absolutely love it now! Welcome and enjoy :blush:


Ah nice :ok_hand:

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Yea i dont disagree tbh id have taken the recaros but i love the top colour and the wheels


Quite rare too, i think I’ve only ever seen one in the showroom.


Congratulations! I have a Z-Sport too, purchased 14 months ago. I think the colour combo on these is fabulous!

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I love the red top… wasn’t until I’d seen one in the flesh that I got it… it’s doesn’t sound like it should work
But it really does

Has anyone re-dyed their top? Mine is a bit inconsistent and looked like it had never been cleaned when I first got it.

If so, what did you buy and were you happy with the results?