Newbie from Beds

Evening all,

Had been looking for a NC for a few years on and off, doing the usual ‘umming’ and ‘erring’, but a last minute auction late one evening got me pulling the trigger on a 2012 2.0 NC Venture in ‘Radiant Ebony Mica’.
This certainly wasn’t one of my smartest car purchases (the colour made me do it! :joy:) but so far (:crossed_fingers:) after a few weeks ownership, all is well - just needs a little cosmetic TLC and a good service.

Current plans are to keep it standard, fix the few cosmetic issues and enjoy it over summer; after that, who knows - although i’m already eyeing up the BBR website for upgrades!

Thanks everyone!

Is this the colour?

If so I can understand the clicking/bidding.

Hi and welcome on board. Get the paintwork detailed properly and that colour really pops in the sun… :nerd_face:

Wow. Stunning colour.

Great purchase.

Yes @Smiffy, that’s the colour (same car tbh :smile:).
Was original keeping an eye out for a Black Edition/one in Spirited Green but after missing out on a few over the last 18 months or so, they really do seem rarer than hens teeth, this Venture popped up and i threw in a low ball bid - picked it up a week later.

And thanks @Mac5, it does look good in the sun (what limited sunshine we’ve had) and that’s the plan once a few scratches and dings are taken care of.

But thanks all :slight_smile: