Newbie from Chelmsford, Essex

Hi everyone,
I have persuaded my mum to let me get her MK1 back on the road after it sitting idle for approx 3 years so thought it be a sensible move to join this forums and see what you guys have been working on! Looking forward to sharing progress with you and all hopefully learning a few things from you along the way.

I don’t have a photo of the car at the moment but will be sure to upload one soon. For info though it’s a black MK1 Eunos 1.8

Speak soon!

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Hi and welcome to the forum !

Hi and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Great persuasive work on your mum too! You’ll find this a friendly place and you’ll not be short of information and advise as you prepare your Mk1 NA for the roads… :slight_smile:

Welcome from south of the river. From a NA and NC owner!

Hello and welcome from not far from Chelmsford :+1:

Welcome to the club… go use your smartphone as get that photo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

I look forward to sharing my project with you very soon!

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:sweat_smile: will do within a week or so! Cars still at my parents so have limited access to it at the moment