Newbie from Colchester, Essex

Hi, I just picked up my Mk1 Eunos yesterday, drove 6 hours each way virtually to Scotland but she was worth the trip. She’s come home to live with us in Colchester, Essex :blush:


Lovely :+1:
Welcome to the tribe.
Enjoy many miles of top down fun and please share your adventures here.

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Great looking MX-5. Enjoy your fantastic sportscar !

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Lovely looking car and welcome (also from North Essex)

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What a Black (?) Beauty :+1:

Welcome to the Club :handshake:

From Mark 2.5 NB Owner Currently Residing in Staffordshire


Lived in Tiptree for Several Years

Congrats on Colchester Becoming City Status :thinking:

I Kinda Liked It as a Town Though [Many Memories] :smiley: :smiling_face_with_tear:


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Hi, thank you, she’s satellite blue.

I was pleased they made Colchester a city, I think it’s more deserving than Chelmsford :laughing:

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100% Agree…Re Chelmsford :shushing_face: