Newbie from London ND2 RF


New member but a bit of a lurker for the last few months. I’ve always wanted an MX5 but until recently it just wasn’t practical. So the practical car was sold about a month ago now and I picked up a 2.0 RF ND2 from Prestige Vehicle Consultants who where really easy to deal with.

Hopefully it’s good timing with lockdowns lifting and the open road calling.



Hi Dan, welcome to MX5 ownership !


Hi Dan, welcome to the club

Welcome Dan - good choice and I believe that Prestige seem to be a good company to deal with.

However you missed pictures!!!

enjoy the car and top down as much as possible!!

Welcome to the club Dan. I have also just bought an ND2 RF and I’m looking forward to putting lots of miles on this summer. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed with the car or the club!

Nice one. You’ll have so much fun x

Hello from Woodford - I similarly got rid of my “sensible” Audi TT a couple of weeks ago. Still smiling lots every time I drive, and driving top down at every opportunity, despite the rubbish weather!

aha, yeah went out on Saturday and was caught in the rain on the way back. Flooded motorway was interesting with 4x4s going past at 70+ and zero visibility so low down. Reminds me of an old R5GTT I used to have.

Car needs a proper clean now