Newbie from Watford first MX5 (ND)

Hi All,
Thought it about time to say hello. I’m Steve and reside in Watford. This is my first Miata and I’m loving it.
Havi g come from a mk8 Fiesta ST its obviously not as quick but I enjoy driving it more and certainly gets more attention than what the ST did. So far I’ve just de-chromed the badges and upgraded the front indicators, internal cabin light, and boot light to LED’s.
Next up…upgrade the wind deflector, led boot strip, and change the awful rear silencer.
Heres a couple of pics…hope you like


Hi Steve ! Welcome to ND ownership.

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Lovely colour. I’m a big fan.
Fiesta ST and MX5. That’s the biggest swing in stereotype I can think of :rofl:. My mate had a Montune stage 3 Fiesta ST. That was fast as ■■■■, frantic feeling. Loved it to be honest.
Welcome to MX5 life. :sunglasses:

Hahahaha…indeed it is for those that like to Stereotype…
But yes the Fiesta was an awesome car.
I am enjoying the Mazda…but only had it 8 weeks and the dealership called me yesterday to say I need to take it in and get serviced!!!..seriously not happy!!!

Welcome Steve. What the ND lacks in straight line performance, it trounces most stuff in driving involvement and fun. A few suspension mods also transform the handling even more, springs and ARBs if you want to reduce roll even more.

For exhausts I can recommend this one for quality and sound, for a fantastic price. I paid £200 in a sale.



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Hi Simon,
Yeah I’ve already had a bit of fun round the corners… need to get it to a big open space where I can practise a little more :grin:
I’ve been quoted £300 from my local powerflow dealer. I’ve used him before and they are great but that one you put in the link looks even better! Do you have any sound clips? I might go and have a look online to see what I can find.
Many thanks for that!
Greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye on eBay for sales and discounts at Moss Europe. It’s a common upgrade, particularly in the US. will have sound clips, and pretty much everything you will ever need, lost many hours on that site🤪

A custom built one should get you the sound you want for sure.

Common mods start out as …

Lowering springs/adjustable coilovers.
Wheel spacers.
Soundtube delete.
Cosmetic stuff, like splitters, boot spoilers etc.
Interior, gear knobs, steering wheels etc.

There is a huge market for after market MX5 parts, ND choices are getting better. Look at Rev9 in Canada/US, has almost everything you would ever want, just with prices you don’t want to pay! A good starting point to see what is out there.

MX5 Parts in the UK is great, good service in my experience, but limited in what they carry for ND. IL Motorsport is in Germany, another good source, MX5 Parts carry some IL stuff.

Finally BBR is the place to go for engine mods/power upgrades, brakes etc, again not cheap but have a great reputation.


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I cant thank you enough for your help Simon! :+1:
I’ve already upgraded the interior light, boot light and front headlight indicators to LED. Made a world of difference. And very cheap too.
I have some blacked out side LED repeaters in the post so they are next to be fitted.
I’ve changed the standard paper air filter to a Pro Ram Air filter and changed the plastic air elbow from the air box to a silicone one which has made a noticeable difference already.
Next up is the wind shield and read LED strip from Paul on this site. Then ill sort the back box.
I did look into spacers as I have modded all my previous cars (except the fiesta) and was surprised that the studs on this are fixed to the hub! So when I looked into that I was shocked at how expensive spacers are for this one.
As for lowering I think I’m going to leave it stock height…there are far too many speed bumps in my area theyre so high theyre like walls in the middle of the road! :pensive:
Oh…and I would like to get the Zunsport black mesh grille if I can at some point.
Sadly i need to shell out for a new boiler at home so all this will have to be put on the back burner till thats sorted. :+1:
Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Best regards


I had my 2016 Fiesta ST2 for 4 years - Got my 2018 ND2 SportNav+ last July…
Fiesta was good, but didn’t love it like I do the MX-5
Yours is looking good too…!

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@CeramicMX5ND2 totally agree with you. The Fieata was fun, but this is a totally different level. I love mine. The Caeramic is a lovely colour! :+1:

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