Newbie (from Wickford) saying hello and after some advice

Hey all - had a part share in a very knackered but lovable NA and loved it so much that sold my Fiesta ST (owned from new) in Nov for a 16 ND Soul Red Sport Nav which I adore! So wanted to say hello, and also ask some advice - its needs some warranty work done - the policy suggest Halfords but was wondering, are there any decent garages local to Wickford that would be worth me checking out? Would rather take it somewhere decent than ‘generic’. Cheers, and look forward to coming to some of the meets!

I don’t know about garages in your area, but Hi anyway

Woodhouse Engineering in Rayleigh. Martin Woodhouse was a BBC go-to expert for Rogue Trader type stuff and once even went undercover for a couple of weeks to expose dodgy practices.

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Sorry, didn’t see your message. If you see a Eunos Roadster(Red H plate) in Wickford - it is me - I use Allan Doodes at Bulphan Service Station for the Eunos, but I use Shotgate Garage for my other two cars and they do a damn fine job and I am always happy with the cost!