Hi All,

Newbie here. Bought a 25th AE on 1st May and the summer has been amazing fun. Looking forward to attending a few meets and driveouts and learning about these amazing little cars.

Acquired a 1994 Mk1 from an elderly relative a a coupe of years ago but the repairs were beyond my mechanical ability and budget. Already wishing I had hung on to it.

Location is east Yorkshire so anyone around these parts please give me a nudge. 

Glad your enjoying your 25th Anni, did you get the welcome pack with it with the jacket and model?  What number have you got I had 980

Welcome to the forum enjoy your car

No I didn’t get the original welcome pack or other goodies. I guess they are hard to come by now.

Mine is No.165 originally registered by Donalds in Peterborough.