Hello, we are Steve and Sharon we have taken a big step and brought “Purdy” she now lives with us in Kettering. The wife took a shine to her at Hollowell on Saturday 7th July and brought her at the auction, well I paid :<0 doh, but she loves it.

 I think the car has local history, though not too shaw what, hope you can help. The guy we got it from had only owned the car for some three weeks and I think it had a private plate prior to our H686PRD maybe H8STY I saw a glimpse of a name maybe Peter and from Rushden?

Anyway we would love to here from the local area and we will be at Overstone next meet, though, would you believe it, despite the wife having an op next week and not being able to drive for possibly 6 weeks I do think she has reinforced my fears that she really is slightly mad. (hope she does not read this)

We are looking for a Red hardtop and also a boot rack if anyone has one available. I might also need a tow bar so I can pull her along in the wheelchair.

Hope to catch up with you all soon