News and Special to MX-5 Kent Spring Rally

 Hi Folks

Just to let you all know that I have been working with Mazda UK/ Mindshare World / Flip Channel  this is a first for the MX-5 Spring Rally, we are moving into the modern world. 

To produce content for Mazda UK and MX-5 Owners Club to film and use accross the social media platform to grow and engage current fan base on Mazda Experiance Facebook and You Tube media platforms.

The upcoming rally will be an opportunity to capture the passion and excitement of our MX-5 Owners Club Members and Non-members, so if you get asked questions with someone from either Mindshare, or Flip Channel we are working in association with them to produce a film for the media platforms.

All editorial content will be reviewed by Mazda UK and MX-5 Owners Club it will cover the Best in Show winners, modification cars, there will be hi res video of most of the cars at the event, stories from individuals why they love their car etc.

There will be interviews with many owners throughout the day to find out the most interesting characters, best stories and personalities as well as genuine appreciation for our love of our cars.

It will be time lapsed photography, with graphics, vox pops, overlaid facts and statsto bring the event to life.

This is to encourage the 1000+ participants to follow and recommend FB You Tube, Flickr,Twitter channels.

This is exciting and new to the MX-5 Owners Club Rally and hope you will enjoy view after the rally, we will keep you posted of when this will be completed for all to see and enjoy.

I hope this is something that will bring us into the new modern world of media for all to enjoy.

Look forward to reading your comments below


Sarah (Mazda Chick)


Sounds good Sarah, better get my hair doneBig Smile

Better get my hair done as well  Wink

 If i had hair…I’d get it done !! Thinking

 Hi Sarah

Great idea I will have to give Sam a bathDog wof wof

sounds super…i did wonder who the lemon was asking me questions about  the silversurfer/batmobile buggy (mk2.5) so now i know, as someone once said …keep 'em peeled



nigs the ninja aka the silver surfer

I’ve finally worked out how to upload a photo from photobucket

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Yeah , <e scared me to def wiv dat fancy camera ShockThere I was, trying to get me hood up before the torrent when a little hippy starts quizzin me about me motorBig Smile Happy to oblige. Willbe interested to see end result. Great Rally, met some good people on the campsite and lolBig Smile

Cheers Rick & Julie


Hello all.

Has anyone seen the the Mada Experience yet.

I have been looking for the past week and not seen anything, am I doing somthing wrong or is it not on line yet. But if it is can you tell me which site so that I can download it, I hope it has something of Sam so that I can keep for good.


Many thanks for the help

Terry and SamDog

They have a few photos up now, with more to follow…