Newspaper instead off loo roll paper

I am old enough to remember using newspaper rather than soft toilet paper as a matter of necessity. But I lived in a town that had a mains sewage system so I suppose it didn’t get clogged up too often. I now live in a small hamlet that means we all have to be on our own septic tank, which unfortunately are more likely to clog up than a main sewer system. Those of you are in a similar position to me take note that Newspaper does not break down like toilet paper and therefore will clog your system up, so be careful what you use.

When I first met my now wife of 44 years her dad bless him used to cut up the Exchange & Mart and hang it for use in the outside loo.
Having to use an outside loo was a novelty for me, using cut up newspaper was another world.:grin:
Of course a big no no now.:roll_eyes:

I was also brought up were we had a comunial toilet at least for the first 5 years of my life… We are one of the few countries that flush our paper so perhaps we should use the doggy bag method …at least for the paper…bag it and bin it… :grimacing:

Memories, not necessarily good ones, come flooding back. Those were the days when men were men and bottoms were sore!
In the late 50s my school had a wicker tray with cut newspaper in and no one thought it strange. I suspect the more recent generations would be appalled if they had to revert to newspaper for their daily ablutions.

I doubt you’d get the local council/bin men agreeing with that, it’s not a solution, merely BUTT passing.

Irish toilet rolls are now marked “please use both sides” (joke)

I can certainly remember my grandfather cutting newspapers into squares.

I seem to remember that it was preferable to the Izal Medicated that was provided in school!

We should ask the newspapers to print on quilted paper, read it, wipe and flush it!

Well, you can stick that where The Sun don’t shine.
Just for the Record, it’s a sign of the Times. :blush:

Just don’t wrap your fish and chips in the same newspaper! :blush:

You know that moment when you are on the throne and realise there is no paper? You do the trousers around the ankle waddle to fetch a new roll. Well I’m nearly at Tesco.

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Izal was shiny one side and rough on the other… a bit like my mk3

I remeber Izal paper, it didn’t absorb it just re distributed, might as well have used a polythene bag, at least newspaper is better than that.
Or dock leaves /Grass

The thing was that it was so tough that it could be rolled into a ball (before use!!!) between the palms of your hands to soften it and it didn’t tear.

Seems appropriate to be considering using newspapers instead of loo roll, given that many seem to be full of s*** already.


The ink used to rub off too…

This is where the jet-wash loo comes into its own, at long last.
It was a surprise last time I went to Vegas (for work)! Trying to figure out the complicated controls…

Wow, it’s good to see we haven’t lost our sense of humour in this possibly dangerous period, but that’s just what we are like in our country.

When we needed to trace something at school we used Izal toilet roll

Trouble with the digital age is you’d have to use an iPad now!