Nexen N8000

Morning Folks,

Does anyone run Nexen N8000 on their NC 3.5? Looking at a tidy car that has these all around, with decent tread, and am wondering if they are a reasonable tyre for general use or if I need to factor in new ones shortly?

Hi Timmy

Nexen tyres are at the budget end of the market but not the cheapest… If they have some good wear left in them run them out, but also check out the manufacturer date which can be found on the sidewall. If they are above 6 years old I’d consider replacement.


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Totally agree… I just put a set of Toyo Prizes on mine and for a mid range they are pretty good all round although my suspension set up is stock

Had them on my met. blue 2011 MX 5 which I sold to a dealer a while ago. They were fine in the dry but not so good in the colder months and especially if cold and wet .