Niseko interior has brown leather with blue stitching

A rare event happened today; I began to clean and condition the leather etc inside the car.  But fairly soon I noticed something odd that had escaped me for the last two years.

Both of the boots for the handbrake and the gear lever are plain black leather with black stitching.  BUT, all the rest of the interior leather is brown with blue stitching, including the knob on the gear-lever and the handle on the brake.  In the Niseko are these black boots normal (to blend into the black plastic centre console)?  Or should I be looking for matching brown-with-blue boots to match all the rest of the leather?

See the picture.

Black boots in a brown leather interiro

I would be grateful if anyone has an answer, even if it means costing me more money…

They are standard fitment in your model, black.

If you look at somewhere like eBay pictures of your model they show the same.

Thanks,  this saves me from spending money.

I’d not found any other pictures showing these particular bits.


Edit.  Changed the search criteria and found loads of pics…