Niseko stress reliever

Hello, fairly new to the forum, proud owner of a gleaming icy blue 1.8 Niseko. Had her about 10 months now, based in Leicestershire, about 9 miles from East Midlands Airport. Just wondering, when things get back to normality, which would be the best area to join for gatherings etc?
Back to the car, is the 2.0l that much better than the 1.8l and does the lsd make much difference?
Just a couple of pics on an evening drive.


Hello and welcome - Quite new here myself… Nice car… :slightly_smiling_face:


In my opinion, for the NC the 2.0 is better, particularly if you use the car for long distance/commuting. I did 160k miles in NCs.

The LSD is priceless in winter, again I’d you are using the car as a daily driver. You probably won’t notice it in the summer unless you’re a hooligan :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the best region, obvs.

Thanks, bought it for mlc(mid life crisis) according to my wife, was only going to be for weekends, but can’t stop driving it any chance I get. Hopefully will soon be able to venture further than morrisons, never done so much shopping😂.


I’ve never enjoyed going down to Aldi as much either…! :grinning:


Hello and welcome from a fellow niseko owner. I’m 9 miles from east mids airport also - on the Nottinghamshire side. I’ve got the 2.0 version with power roof.

Nice, was looking for the 2.ol hardtop before I got mine, only one I saw had a massive dent on rear quarter, slight panel damage on the ad, but then saw a soft top immaculate and that was that. Hope to see you knocking about when we’re allowed out, I’ll give you a wave.

Please do I’m a waver :grimacing: hope to see you out and about soon!

Welcome. I feel exactly the same, it’s my mlc too.

I’m waiting for my wife to say something needs to be driven. Some nights I just go outside and look at it in the dark. Neighbours must think I’m mad.

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LOL! Neighbour’s can never understand how the mind of MX-5 owners work - I’m outside looking at mine a lot, giving it a bit of a clean - microfibre cloth in one hand, coffee in the other! Not like we can go far these days… sadly…!

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Funny thing is, went in the garage sunday(looking for something😜), bearing in mind I changed the head unit not long after I bought the car, to a 7"touchscreen unit with sd card slot, which I had loaded music, a few films etc onto it.
Thought I’ll just sit in the car a bit, watching guardians of the galaxy, got that comfortable, Mrs came in 2 hours later to see where I was.
Fell asleep😂


Brilliant ! :laughing:

Hello probably-not-too-far-from-me fellow MX-5 owner!

That car park looks very familiar :wink:

Here’s my 2.0i Sport Tech in almost the exact same spot…!

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In Whitwick, near Coalville, nice car park for pics. And a nice walk, enjoy the drive more though.
Nice car😉

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I set my telescope up in that car park one night, got two dogging offers… ended up selling the scope. :joy: