No hanger as i threw it away

Hi all,


Conscious i was hijacking the thread below so started on of my own, basically I have been a complete idiot and thrown away my hanger for the rally, thinking it was for the the anniversary cars only, have called the club and they have asked for my member number and said they will kindly send another one out, it goes out 2nd class tomorrow so just thinking if i don’t get it will I still be ok to parked with the MX5s on production of my membership card only ?

My first rally too…what a plonker !

Historically the pass has been to allow the marshall to quickly verify that the car is allowed entry to the infield and to also get your free gift. Whenever I have been in charge of the volunteers at the gate and parking we have always accepted the membership card if the hanger was not present, and as I am in charge once again of the volunteers at the gate and parking I cant see that will change. 

Please make sure your membership card is to hand and not in your boot before arriving so we can have minimal disruption to the flow of cars



Thank you so much !..hopefully it will have arrived by then but just wanted to clarify, membership card will be at hand either way. 

Thanks again