*NO LONGER AVAILABLE* Mk1 Spares and Repairs Car, delivered in West Midlands Area


I Live in the shrewsbury area and currently own a mk1 1997 classic edition mx5 (Uk Car) that I have put into a local garage A week ago to have some minor welding, two new wings and MOT.

Unfortunately it’s come to light that, on closer inspection, the rot is much worse than first thought and the car needs a lot of welding to get it back to even a passable condition For the MOT and then the likely hood is it will return as it has for the last couple of years in the floor area, so unfortunately I’ve had to make the decision to draw the line under this car.

My hope is that the car can be used by someone on here who has more time to devote to it than I do as Either a donor car or a project.

Either way the MOT runs out on Saturday 14th November (This Saturday !) and it would be great if I can drive it directly to some one who wants it who lives in the Eccleshall area, hopefully saving hassle with trailers and storage for all concerned later.

If your interested please message me and we can see if we can get something arranged depending where you are based.

I understand the car has its faults but it also has plenty of serviceable parts and mechanically is great with a huge amount of accompanying paperwork detailing various work over the years. I have spent plenty of money on it during my ownership but I cannot spend anymore and also currently due to family commitments have little time to dedicate to it as well.

The bad points -

•bubbling front wings (where the wing meets the bumper on both sides), it wanted sorting as was the original plan but isn’t an MOT fail.

•There are holes in the Front arches and rear arches and around Back of the bulkhead where the arch sits.

•The inner edge of the outer sills is corroded, there were 2 new sills fitted to the car roughly 2 years ago but what it’s attached too is not great.

•the floor area is also Beginning to rot and would need all the Interior removing to sort.

•The rear inner sills have some fibre glass in Which has been put in there at some point as a bodge.

•the car has these following advisories last year.

  • Offside Front Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security sill area. (6.2.2 (d) (i))
  • Offside Front Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security inner wing. (6.2.2 (d) (i))
  • Offside Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security outer sill. (6.2.2 (d) (i))
  • Nearside Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security floor area. under vehicle. (6.2.2 (d) (i))

Good Points -

• the car had a new Cam belt kit including tensioner and water pump Fitted last last year.

•94k mileage.

•the exhaust system is standard but in good condition, it had a new Cat fitted about 2 years ago.

•despite the rot underneath the doors are good.

•the suspension springs and dampers are standard but in useable condition.

•as mentioned previously, mechanically the car runs well and has been well maintained. It doesn’t have any performance parts fitted and is generally standard.

•The engine runs very sweetly and starts and stops well.

•Brakes are good, it’s had a couple of new callipers over recent years.

•I think it’s had some interior work at some point because I believe (and someone here more knowledgable than I will be able to help here) the classic edition interior is different to the cars current interior.

I have attached some pictures of the car but because the car is in the garage as we speak I live too far away from eccleshall to pop in and get some photos of the rot, so I haven’t got those At present at but I will try and get some to help !

Price wise I am looking for around £595 but I am open to offers.

as mentioned earlier my plan is to deliver to the next owner on Saturday as long as they are within a reasonable distance to eccleshall. I know this is a tight timescale but I thought it was worth seeing if anyone on here can make use of the car.

Thanks for taking a look and please message me with any questions.

Please see some photos of the car (taken a couple of years ago now) but to give an idea is the car.
Please Consult above Information for an idea of current Condition.

Please use the Personal Message (PM) system to contact me.


Just a note to add to the above advert, obviously social distancing will be observed during any delivery situation and the car will be cleaned around all the contact places using antibacterial wipes as appropriate before hand over.

I haven’t been able to obtain any more photos Unfortunately which I know is not ideal for a prospective buyer.

If the car hasn’t been sold through here before Saturday, I will be returning the car to it’s garage and putting up for sale on an eBay Auction but for buyers collection only.


Hi all,

I have finally got around to getting some photographs of the corrosion.

Please see attached photos fir a better idea of the current condition of the car, I never put into MOT because there was no way it would have passed.

Obviously I can’t deliver the car now as the thread title suggested because the car is without an MOT now and this means the buyer will have to collect with a suitable trailer.

Please feel free to ask any further questions if you have any.

I am still looking for £600 for the car.

I also have two front wings new still in box Available on a different thread.

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