Non MX-5 owner questions

 Hello [:)]

My better half and I intend to join you all on the Sunday of the rally at the Air Museum. We live 65 miles away so it’s a mere hours journey!

Anyway, those of you who know us know that I had to sell my beloved Ellie just before Christmas and we’ve not yet secured the funds to purchase the replacements (Annie and Ashley [:D] ). So, we’ll be coming along in our slightly faded but nonetheless excellent MX-3.

So, being members but not actually coming along in an MX-5, where will we be parking? Can we still have a rally plaque? Is it still £4 for us to get in? Will Froggy be returned to his rightful owner?

TIA [;)]


If you print screen this and bring it with you then there shouldn’t be an issue… failing that just ask them to call me on the radio and I will give you them the ok


 Thanks Mick [:)]