Norfolk Fives National Rally weekend 8th - 9th June

This years national Mx5 owners Club rally marks 35 years of the Mazda Mx5 and 30 years of the Mx5 Owners club. The rally this year is being held at Compton Verney in Warwickshire on Sunday 9th June, its a large stately home with various art installations set in its ground.
To find out more about what is on at the national rally please see link below

If you would like to join us to go to the National Rally, the Norfolk Five’s will be driving down on Saturday 8th June and staying overnight.

I know some of you have already booked your hotels but for those of you who did not attend the last monthly meet we have picked a choice of 3 hotels for saturday 8th June to cater for everyone.
These are,
Feldon Valley

Cotsworlds Golf and Spa

And the Premier Inn Chipping Norton Chipping Norton Hotel | Premier Inn
These are all fairly close together in the Cotswolds.

The plan…

Saturday the 8th June
We will meet at the Thetford forest retail park IP24 3QL at 9am, to leave promptly at 9.30. Taking a direct route to Chipping Norton where we plan to visit Jeremy Clarksons Didly Squat Farm. From here feel free to visit and enjoy the surrounding area and check into your hotel.

Sunday the 9th June
The rally opens at 10.30am. Leave your hotels in convoy after breakfast and make your way to Compton Verny. Enjoy the rally and make your way home as and when you wish.

Please let us know if you wish to attend the convoy on the saturday and which hotel you have booked so everyone can make plans for tea and connvoying to the rally.

Fancy booking an extra night? There is plenty to do in the area including the Cotswold motor museum and Gaydon motor museum.

I will be discussing more about the rally and details for the Saturday at the May monthly meet.
Please register below if you would like to join us and where you are staying many thanks Chris & Katie see you soon.

  1. Chris & Katie Feldon Valley
  2. Kevin & Tamsin Feldon Valley
  3. Phil & Rona Feldon Valley
  4. Craig & Gemma Feldon Valley
  5. Phill & Renee Fab 4 Feldon Valley
  6. Graham & Rachel Fab 4 Feldon Valley
  7. Simon & Lisa Feldon Valley

Hi Chris, Tamsin & I are booked into the Feldon Valley Hotel for Saturday 8th June and we plan to join both the convoy on the Saturday as well as the one from the hotel to the rally on Sunday. Cheers. K & T.

I’m definitely coming with you guys ( I’ve entered show n shine in traditional fashion ) but not booked a hotel as yet… I will be though…

Hi Phil and I will be joining you and as mentioned earlier by Katie will be at the Felton Valley

Hi everyone the list has now been updated, if there is anyone else that has booked please let me know and i will add you to the list.
Many thanks Chris and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Chris and Katie for organising this. It was great for the rally but also the hotel and of course Diddly Squat :smile:. The work you do for the club is really appreciated by us. Kevin & Tamsin.

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Hi Kevin & Tamsin,
Thank you both for a great weekend, and like you say Diddly Squat was certainly a highlight.
look forward to seeing you both soon.