Norfolk meet this Wednesday !!

Is it, yes, I’m sure.  As you may have noticed I have been pretty busy so not entirely sure what day of the week it is, planet I’m on, my name, anything anymore.

But I think you will find it could well be the Norfolk meet this wednesday.  Check out detail on the Eastern Region announcement section…

Wil l be there ?  Good question… I’m glad you asked.  It depends on what happens here over the next coupe of days.  And before anyone has a go at me about the “new” forum I have to say that ROBBIE MADE ME DO IT…!!!



Can anyone  vote or  just  Martin in his own poll?? [B]
(like the  smileys[ip] )

can’t you vote then ?  how odd…  Someone esle has…

We will be there, been busy too so could do with a break!

Jamie and Claire

yes, just me [^o)]

Oh yes, I didn’t know whether it was  just your  toy this  time.

… and notifications  now work as intended, switched on Rich Text in profile/e-mail options.
If I escape from school meeting wil  head oop north on Weds [D]

I voted…

I voted too. [:P]

I’ll be at the next one to see the ‘pretty’ lights.  [I][I][I][I]

you’re 'sposed to vote for if I will be there, not if you are going… its like a sweep stake, whatever happens then we draw out of the hat for those who got the correct answer and they win a prize… (actually, you may win!)

im afraid we wont be there [:(]   we will be travelling to Chester straight after work as got a funeral thursday morning

Yeah that’s what I did Martin … I voted No. [:P]

 What do I win ?? [G]

you win biggest sig image…!!

I think we have have to make them smaller, it takes up some much screen space…