North coast 500

I am planning to do the north coast 500 next year has any one on here done it if so any advice would be appreciated 

Do you mean North West 500 bike races?

No there’s a touring route around Scotlands West coast up to John oh goat’s 

Its the road around the beaches and sites of scotland 

That’s right was wondering if any one had done it and could recommend towns or village’s to use for over night stops 

Haven’t done it, but after watching this last night I want to!

EVO magazine car of the year:

Scotland is so beautiful when the sun shines Cool

Oh and I just remembered that there’s an article about it in the latest STHT.

Do you know where i can view the stht article? 

Only in STHT I think. Looks like you’re a member, didn’t you get yours yet?

Done it quite a few times, before it was branded too (which I do think is a good thing) 

Thoroughly recommend it, make sure you plan fuel stops in advance, especially if you’re planning to do a Saturday/Sunday run. We were at a stop in Bettyhill a couple of years ago when a young couple came into the hotel on Saturday evening looking for fuel. The local petrol station didn’t open on Sunday and the nearest one that would be open is 40 miles away, they ended up with an enforced stopover and a trip around the village knocking on doors on Sunday to see if someone had a can of fuel.

Try this if you’ve not already seen it.

We did a lot of the Western section this year, actually a  few weeks before it sort of hit the headlines. There’not a lot up there in the way of services etc and the fear has to be it makes everything a bit more expensive and what a lot of people have enjoyed for years anyway becomes over popular and potentially spoilt. But then again a lot of it is very remote and perhaps the more business the better. 



NC500 It’s on BBC 1 countryfile right now


Feeling sorry for Ellie in the hail!

Cheers bud 

Planning on doing it next year. Not sure if it’ll be on the bike (motor not pedally like Ellie!) or in the yet-to-arrive MX-5. Either way it looks great.

We’re looking to do a extended route over 5 / 6 days next year in our mk1 

Its tempting me but would not take less than a week cos I have the time [ret] and want to see things properly

Hi did it back in October, we did it in 4 days from fife and back. We had a fantastic Few days. stayed in wick, a tiny place called

drumbeg and applecross. I would like to do it clockwise next year. I would call the route a must do for a 5 drive.

We are thinking of sept / oct next year 5 / 6 days minimum going clock wise was applecross being the first stop over