North London Mechanics - R W Services review

Hey all
After suffering from calliper binding on my NC I needed to find a mechanic I could trust my NC to in North London. I couldn’t travel far for obvious reasons and after scouring the forum I found R W Services in Crouch End mentioned a few years back. In fact I’ve walked past their place a few years ago (and Instagrammed it).

Called them up last week and got an appointment for Tuesday. Turned up and found the usual plethora of old MG-B’s of all ages all over the place and a rather ancient Peugeot 205 cabriolet up on the lift. Felt much more confident than going to some generic garage dealing with modern cars and swap it out and charge a fortune attitudes.

Left them with it and got a call back from Paul there saying yep front right needs replacing and as the disc had developed a blue tinge (must of been getting up to 300 C!) best replace the disc too incase it had warped. I’ve read that when problems with one calliper happen the other will probably need attention soon to so when he quoted replacing both callipers I wasn’t worried. New discs and pads where needed too. Callipers and discs where Lucas, being an MG specialist I wasn’t surprised about this, nor particularly worried. Not sure if other people are running Lucas but would be interested in feedback.
Total price came to £570 inc VAT. Calipers where £102 and comparable with the 3rd party ones on
The main guy Paul was good guy. Calling when he said he would, polite and explained things well. He even new about the poor little Eunos that lived on my street until a few weeks ago.
Not being a petrolhead (but learning) I’d say I was happy with the service and will consider them again.

Car is now up and running again. Yay!

Hope this helps any other north London owners.