North Wales Newby

Hi All,

Well after some skulking around the forum looking for advice prior to purchase (thank you for all the great advice) I took the plunge and bought a '65 plate ND 2.0 Sport with 13000 miles last week from a main dealer.
My last two cars were an M3 then a TTRS and I have to admit I have been wasting my money ! Should have bought the MX5 years ago but you live and learn. So much bang for your buck in terms of enjoyment.
I am lucky enough to live in a part of the country with wonderful driving roads and the pleasure gained from placing the car accurately, in the correct gear, and not at silly speed is thrilling.
Although the car is one owner low mileage I think it has done a lot of very short journeys judging by scuffs on the sill cap and light scratching behind the door handle.
Plans are just to return it to as good a condition as possible and enjoy.
Thank you all again for what I have learnt and will continue to learn from this forum.


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Is a long time since I’ve driven those wonderful roads in North Wales, especially around Snowdonia… You have got the perfect car too, and you remind me I need to drive these roads again soon…! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club and as Ceramic says, you have great roads and the perfect car to enjoy them on. I live in Cheshire and used to travel to Port Madoc for work several times a week for a year. As you get from Wrexham to Bala and then on from Bala the roads are fantastic. I will have to do them again soon…

Enjoy your hood down motoring, although it does rain a fair bit in Wales, so perhaps not down as much as some of us…

Thanks Snelly and Rob.
Yes, I don’t live too far from Bala, but the roads are pretty busy at the moment with holiday makers and bikers. Once the kids are back at school it is a much better drive.

I hope I have manage to attach an image. Not too literate on tech :slight_smile:


Yes its attached, a lovely black ND… nice background too! I will wait for a few weeks then, as I am planning a “long” trip to Port Madoc down across Bala… but it will have to be hood down, as that’s the only way to travel

I remember those roads too, used to head from Wrexham to Bala in the summer to camp in Llanuwchllyn and watch the jets practicing their low flying. I moved south over 30 yrs ago and have been watching Youtubes recently of ‘Walks around Wrexham’ its changed considerably! They also knocked down the police tower!

Brilliant :grinning:


Lovely car :blush: welcome to the club :blush:

Hopefully you will have been put into the Cheshire & North Wales area, and as things are slowly getting back to normal, we should be having plenty of things coming up to get involved with. Our next meeting is Sept 8th at the C ock & Budworth, CW9 6HB, I appreciate it’s a bit of a jaunt from Bala, but it’s a nice drive :wink: and you’d be warmly welcomed


Hopefully I will see you there!!

Good morning Maisie,

Thank you for the message and welcome. We are taking a trip up to Scotland that week but hope to get along to the C ock soon.

Congratulations on the purchase, be sure to look-up ‘MX-5 North Wales’ on Facebook, its a growing group of MX-5 enthusiasts who hold events and drives, its a great group to be part of.

Hi Gareth, thanks for the link details. I dont do social meedya such as facecloth, have to do linkedin for business but someone manages that for me. Mrs T will have a look for me.
Hopefully we can catch up.
Cheers DRT

No worries, there is a massive drive out planned in North Wales next month. I’m in St Asaph myself and have done a whole load of things and am pretty well versed in most things MK4, so feel free to shout if you have any questions. A black convertible is actually pretty rare and has got to be one of the least common colours.