North West Midlands Advent Calendar Appeal 2020

Advent Calendar Appeal

North West Midlands Advent Calendar Appeal 2020

Scott Kelly and I would like to officially announce the advent calendar appeal for 2020. We are asking you to send in a favourite photograph that shows your love for the MX-5. The obvious choice would be to send in a image of your MX-5, and that will be great because that’s the thing that brings us all together, particularly in these difficult times.
What about the photograph that always raises a smile. You know the one. A group of you all sat around that coffee shop table catching one of you with a mouthful of scone! For the more mechanical amongst us, how about a image of those brake discs you’ve just successfully changed with you covered in brake dust! To the track day and hill climber specialists, what about chipping in with some dramatic shots of you wrestling your five against the elements.

Having delved into your stash of photos and made your choice - what next? It’s simple really. With your photo ready to send, just add a short description of why you love that image and either send it to our area email address or to Scott Kelly using the messenger service on Facebook. Using these options keeps the images a surprise until the advent reveal. Deadline for receipt of images is Friday 27th November.

What happens after that? you all ask. Well it’s this. From the beginning of December, Scott and I will post an image each day to our area discussion forum and Facebook page. So there you have it. Don’t delay, get busy!

Scott Kelly. Facebook Administrator
Jim Keeley. Joint Area Coordinator