Nose to nose!

Look who I caught kissing on the drive!
These two have a 21 year age gap but when I look at their design I still love both as equal I think. 17 inch is lovely but there’s still something cute about little 14 inch wheels. Pop up lights just do it for me as well. I always have been a mk1 and 3 man. Interior, yes it’s posh on the venture but again the classic 1992 is a well made interior with solid carpets, seats and a roomy rear parcel shelf. Is this the first mx5 wedding! Haha. Thoughts?


No no no no no!
I did tell you my car fancies yours. Mine is a male, your black beauty is female. That’s the wedding we should buy a hat for…
Just to convince you, here’s Nugget with his ex.

Copper red mica is a bit prettier than this old girls red at the moment!
And I suppose they are the same age!

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What happened with Nuggets ex?


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That’s an impressive old Volvo in the background too, don’t see many single J prefix cars (assuming it is the original plate).

A lot of people are drawn to it. My neighbour past and I think the son drives it occasionally.

Lol… It was just a winter romance (hence them both keeping their roofs on).

Not to mention using rubber… :flushed:

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