NOW CANCELLED - Visit to NT Hinton Ampner with Display Parking in front of House

Solent Region Visit to Hinton Ampner House and Gardens.

Nr Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0LA

Sunday 14th June 2020

There will be reserved space for up to 15 cars in front of the house, plus an overflow area opposite the house for more cars, hence the NEED for Patricia and Me to reserve and confirm booking well in advance and no later than Monday 16th March 2020, PLEASE let us know if you would like to come ASAP…

Hinton Amper is the fulfilment of one mans vision. After a catastrophic fire in 1960, Ralph Dutton rebuilt his home in the light and airy Georgian style he loved. Outside, Ralph Dutton designed a series of tranquil gardens rooms, each with their own distinctive planting still shown today. There are extensive lawns with panoramic views across the South Downs, in all a truly wonderful day to be had by all.

Entry to Hinton Ampner will be through the ‘Hamlet Of  Hinton Ampner’ signposted for the Solent MX5 Club, they are expecting the club to arrive approx 11:00/11:15 and in place by 12:00.

 ‘Non Members’ of NT there will be the NT entry fee per person, which will need to be given to Patricia and Me on arrival.

Please remember this will be very busy on the day and as such Charlotte Vincent (events organizer at Hinton Ampner) has arranged we have sole use of the Exhibition Room (old gardeners shed), chairs etc will be laid on for us, there is the possibility of pre-booked lunches.


 Hinton Ampner | National Trust 


 John & Patricia

 Colin R

 Sandra & Kevin


 Steve + 1

 Mal & Serena

 Chrystianne + 1

 Terry & Diane


 Graham & Sheila

 Ron & Angela

 Sally & Colin


 Janet & Steve

 Tim & Tracey

 Phill & Kay

 Ann & Alex

 Mark Mc

 Jane H







Looking Good so far…7 cars 12 people…

I’ll be up for this please John

Me plus one.

Ta  Steve

Looking Good so far…9 cars 15 people…

Hi John

Sheila and I are up this, please.



Hi John,

Angela and I are up for this, so please add us to the list.


Ron and Angela.

Thank you all, we now have 16 cars and 28 people, more are welcome however it will mean the additional cars will park in the front garden area…that would mean only 5 more cars.

16th December 2019 Latest Update…

We now have 19 cars and 32 people, more are welcome however it will mean the additional cars will park in the front garden area…that would mean only 2 more cars. Patricia and Me have had a meeting with Charlotte at Hinton Ampner regarding the proposed pre-ordering of sandwiches etc, she is arranging a choice for us to post, please could you all answer this post saying if you would like to take up this offer so as to give a approx idea of numbers…



Hi John, I’d be interested in a pre-ordered lunch.


Hi John

Sheila and I would also be interested in a pre-ordered lunch, please.



Hi John
Kevin and I would be interested in a pre-ordered lunch please.
Thank you


Hi Colin, Graham and Sandra,

Patricia and me have received an email back from Charlotte, truly sorry to say that the catering dept are unable to take pre booked lunches for our event 2020.


Hi Everyone,

We have just re-visited this “Extra Event” for the Hinton Ampner Visit on Sunday 14th June and there are quite a few members signed up for this back in December 2019, as can be seen in John Wheelers post earlier in this thread. However, in the fullness of time, things have changed, as Patricia & John sadly no longer have an MX5 and are going away at the time of the Hinton Ampner visit, so will now not be available. Also, Hinton Ampner had advised John that they were unable to offer catering for our visit, which John duly posted in this thread. Also,Terry, Diane, Serena & myself, will be away at this time on the Solent Area Lake District Tour 2020, which was unavoidable due to SCCT being able to secure hotel availability.

So, the way we currently see it, is that we either;

a) Find someone in the list who is willing to lead this extra event and we go forward with it as planned.


b) If people agree, we cancel the event and I will let Hinton Ampner know, to be fair to them and knowing that we already have planned events for June anyway.

Please respond to this post by 12th March, to let us know your thoughts on this and we will go with the collective decision and I will let Hinton Ampner staff know.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused to everyone who signed up for this event and hopefully we will try to do a return visit to Hinton Ampner in 2021.

Best Regards

Mal, Serena, Diane & Terry.

Hi Mal, Serena, Diane & Terry,

Thanks for your post regarding this event, we vote for the June visit to be cancelled and maybe doing it in 2021 if that’s agreed at the planning meeting.

Best wishes,

Colin & Sally

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Agree with Colin and Sally, cancel the event for this year and maybe include it in next year’s events.

Happy to go along with what the Colins and Sally have said. Let’s look to do it next year.

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Many thanks for your responses, much appreciated.


Many thanks everyone, I have now contacted Hinton Ampner and cancelled this event but asked if they would consider a visit by Solent Area in 2021.