Number of cars at this event?

Could anyone tell me the number of cars that turned up at Compton Verney?

I’m keen to find out too, it was ace

Anecdotally I’ve heard around 2,000.
600 to 800** of which had totally gridlocked surrounding rounds between 11:00 &12:00 when police stopped traffic turning off Fosseway & Wellesbourne Road into Lighthorne Lane towards Gate 1.
** 3+ miles of queues & c200 stationary cars/mile

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I was one of those cars. The Police Traffic Car which closed the road must have driven on the wrong side of the Fosse for at least 2 miles with sirens and lights on to get to the cross roads and the entrance.
I do wonder if anyone had recognised that this is not a country lane but a busy well used highway particularly at the weekend.
By 12.00 I was still about a mile from the cross roads and took the opportunity to turn round and go home, like a number of others appeared to do.

That one is some made up YouTube number, not anything official.
Will do a count on the remaining programmes, stickers and gifts that will get a ballpark number.

YouTube, hyperbole, surely not :thinking::smile: