Number Plates

Amongst the traders who will be along to Brooklands.

Notably absent from our events for a good while we are welcoming a company called Numberplates4U who offer a whole range of number plate services from Vintage styles for vehicles pre 1973 to modern standard or event show plates, pressed aluminium plates to flexible acrylic  - as well as just about all conceivable accessories, fixings, surrounds caps stickers, GB badges  they are coming along to the show to help answer any questions you have and help make up new plates for you. 

The can produce a whole range of custom items including difficult to size number plates which  import models have.

So if you have been after a new set of plates, maybe to replace some shabby ones or get rid of the dealer advertising or make up as a gift or a bit of fun you can giver them a shout on the day or get in touch this week to arrange

Malcolm and Hazel are keen to help


Please note - You will need two forms of ID to get a numberplate made and ideally the V5 or other proof of entitlement (retention certificate etc)

please read the above to ensure that you take all relevant paperwork with you