Odd NC1 in Huddersfield

Spotted this morning in Huddersfield town centre , not great pics, even tried to run after it to get a better pic , but I am not as fit as I used to be. MK3 NC1 but the rear was new to me looks very intriguing ……

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Eer that’s very different, I’m sure there’s a practical reason behind it :roll_eyes:

Intriguing is one word for it.

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May be not happy with the rear boot space of the standard car or has done a DYI repair after a rear end shunt.

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MOT history states:
Exhaust noisy (8.1.1 (a))

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Well, he’s got a “boom box” on the back!


Did it have a matching front end?

Front end looked completely normal really wish I had got better pics .

Here ya go: Redirecting...

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Can’t believe someone has done that to be honest.

Someone attempted a Kamm tail, which had potential except for the catflap opening/ terrier transport, instead of a bootlid. And the random and different bits of scrap used for for mudflaps.


I imagine its a car that’s been rear ended, then a demented repair. I really hope someone didn’t pay £1750 for this.

And what’s behind the keyhole?


I’m struggling to comprehend that someone stood back to admire the handy work and thought ‘I’m happy with that’
It might be functional, but it’s in no way stylish.

I believe it’s the original concept car for the Tesla Cybertruck :wink:


It could be improved by a proper opening boot lid, getting rid of the cat/terrier/whippet hatch, big large round tail lamps, centralising the number plate, allowing some details to be added, breaking up the Kamm tail with a mesh grill for the exhaust to be routed through. And paint the Kamm tail black.

It could be improved massively by ripping it all off and refitting the original boot lid and bumper.


A lot of the sub structure has been cut back. These early basic spec NCs are not worth a lot now. It was likely crashed and not an economic repair. Its still on the road, being enjoyed and used to transport whippets or whatever these Northerners get up to.

The MOT history is pretty remarkable, for being unremarkable.

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Something very odd with 2016, 17 & 18 mot.
In 7 miles, the discs are scored and 14 miles later the pads are wearing thin.
And then 2020-21 must be when the rear was modded.

What an abomination!

My first thought was it’s been modded to carry a folding wheelchair, but the flap is the wrong way.