Odeometer reset rod

hi all I have a 2017 Artic and while cleaning today I somehow broke the lever/rod that resets the trip 1 and 2. It still resets but due to the fact it is now loose I cannot adjust the dash light brightness. Has this happened to anyone else and will it be chargeable or warranty repair. Thanks in advance to all.

If under warranty then I’d take it back to the dealer & tell them “it just broke off” - surely it should stand up to a bit of cleaning?  However I think that after Year 1 of the warranty, only the major components are covered…

Reminds me a little of our family’s first outing in Dad’s brand new 1983 Ford Sierra - he attempted to adjust the angle of the back of the driver’s seat & the adjustment wheel came off in his hand.  We then set off down the road, the sun was in his eyes so he put the sun visor down - which promptly fell straight off, into his lap!

Unfortunately I think this will be quite an involved job. Would expect the instrument panel to be removed and dismantled in order to fit a replacement part.

Definitely worth a trip to the dealer to see if they can advise and more importantly will pick up the tab for this.   

Hi all just an update. Mazda have agreed to replace cluster under warrant. Thanks for advice given.