OEM strut brace bolts?

So I’ve managed to obtain this strut brace kit, the mounting panel is on the way, but I haven’t got any of the bolts that bolt the brace itself to the mounting bracket on the firewall, or the bolts that join the center section of the brace to the left and right bits that affix to the top of the shock mounts.

Any ideas??

From memory, they are part of the center section firewall bracket, not sure if it comes with Nuts !

Well I’ve ordered the firewall bracket from MX5 parts and I don’t believe it comes with any of the fixings at all…

i will go and have a look at the bracket i have

looking at the part on mx5parts they have the bolts captive/attached not sure of the term …

And looking at my car they do seem that way hope this helps ,… but you still need the nuts I guess

Hmm, this might be a problem…

Error in my measurement, wrong part of caliper clamp went into thread depth. Sorry. Deleted misinformation.


Could I possibly ask you for a massive favour…

This particular bolt seems to be the tricky one… The rest of them are all standard sizes.

Would it be possible for you to unbolt the one I’ve circled and post some pictures? If you could take measurements of the actual bolt itself too that would be amazing…

The fitting kit for it is like rocking horse sh|t, not helped by the impossibility of finding part numbers!

Happy to do that in the morning but I don’t have vernier gauges just a Stanley tape measure, you are very welcome to come and take a look if you are close by … Huddersfield

Yeah I don’t have a vernier either…

I dropped by MX5 City earlier and they measured the internal diameter of the circled bit…

They came back with 11mm which I find odd… But I need to know what the bolt itself looks like. I reckon it’ll be collared, but that also doesn’t explain the tolerance gap on the lower section… Just can’t get my head around it!

Yeah I live near Pontefract so depending on whether your photos answer the question or not, I may take you up on that and have a ride over!!

For cosmetic reasons I removed and repainted the brace parts then fitted new nuts. I bough a selection online, high tensile steel. I don’t recall exactly which but were nothing special. Just checked, they are a 13mm socket

12mm spanner/socket = 8mm fine thread.
13mm spanner/socket = 8mm standard thread.

14mm spanner/socket = 10mm fine thread.
17mm spanner/socket = 10mm standard thread.

Don’t over think it.

Would have been standard m8 tensile steel nuts then. Get them anywhere

Just another comment on this, I have a small local firm that sells fittings and hardware etc. The guy on the trade counter checks what I take him, measures and identifies the item and I generally I get a handful for a fiver. Never been wrong yet and I’ve now built up a substantial stock of odds and sods myself. Surely these places must exist everywhere??

I’ve slowly replaced most of the original nuts and bolts with new as I’ve gone through the car. He always asks what it’s for, so I get the right product. Stainless for cosmetic, tensile where stress is involved.

So here are some pics that may help, and confirm 12mm socket as I have just taken it off for the photos . The centre section once nuts removed is a very loose fit on the bolt/stud not sure if this is where you are concerned. Hopefully the pics can help

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Keep an eye on the torque settings too, iirc it’s not very high

I’ve got literally hundreds of miscellaneous bolts on my garage, none of which are a good tight fit.

I also went to an auto store yesterday and they didn’t have any that fitted!

I don’t think it’s as simple as this though…

@Dosthilldave, looking at your image there’s a substantial gap around the bolt here…

Should it be like that? I can’t help but think it will knock and make noises?

If you bought a set online, I don’t suppose you’ve got an invoice or something kicking around in your inbox? :grin:

I can’t find my transaction details, but search M8 bolts on eBay, I have used two suppliers, boltworld and Kay’s, both did the job. They have vast ranges listed. Btw, that wasn’t my pic, mine are painted true red…

Just a thought, if your really stuck, I should still have the originals in my box. Happy to stick them in the post for you as a backstop

I tried M8 bolts yesterday, they seemed really sloppy!!

Yes if you have the originals that would be amazing! I’m more than happy to pay you and cover the postage /

Could you drop me a Dm? :grin: