Off Topic Chat (NMC) area

There is know off topic chat area (formerly known as NMC)

So any user from any area, member or not is welcome (as usual) to chat about anything they like in teh Hemel Massive (Chilterns Area) this forum.

Anything from morbidly obese pets and childish hunor and innuendo to world news will go just don’t bend the forum rules too far or you’ll incure the wrath or martin and Geoff.





Hmmm yes Nowhere to chat away i found that or could not find that as the case maybe  I have also lost my personal Identification



i have also lost my personal identification,  =  [:D][:D]  whenever i see a wazza thread, i see a kilt,[;)]  standing outside his castle, next to a lemon [:D]   all ment in the very best of tast wazza  [;)]   regards  leemarb


Fanks leemarb


and I second what ever it was neil B was going to say in his BLANK post

sorry about that, but it was a mistake and I couldn,t remove it.  Neil