Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear. Progress i spose. Too complicated for this fossil. I will crawl back under my rock where things don’t change much at all.


Don’t be too disheartened, you have managed to register and create a new post so not too shabby for an old fossil!!!
In reality it is not too bad once you have a ‘map’ of the site lodged in the grey cells.
Take a tip from my old friend Percy Vere and you will be rewarded.

Hi BG1

My nephew tells me that I’m a bit of a fossil, I like to think my newness is wearing off!

Like you I wasn’t a fan of the new site until I read a tip someone had posted,

“Click on the MX5 OC logo on the top left of the screen”

I find clicking the logo makes for an easier life and helps me to find my way round the site.


What a shame. Can’t use my ipad and not forking out for something else just to use for this. Not even keen on the format. Seems way clunkier than the previous version. I know there’s a learning curve to climb - but not sure I can be bothered this time :worried:

I’m trying my best to get to grips with it, still not sure if I like the layout.
Much better to add pictures though, infact it’s a breeze. :ok_hand:

Yes, pics are as easy as other sites now - but not the rest of it - and not at all from my trusty old iPad.

Have you spotted that you can change between Desk Top View and Mobile view? Try swapping views, it may improve the screen view for you…
(click on the 3 lines next to your avatar and click the option at the bottom of the drop down menu)


This is my first post on the new system and I really don’t like it. The discription of ‘clunky’ used above is exactly how I’ve found it.
I don’t think I’ll be using it much in the future.

I’m not clear which option you are referring to on the drop down, or am I clicking in the wrong place?


I fail to see how your decision to buy something from a company renowned for ripping off its customers with built-in obsolescence is somehow the fault of the Owners Club. Were the web team supposed to keep using old technology just to keep you happy?

Many years ago I bought an iPad and it became an expensive paperweight far too soon and I’ve learned not to make the same mistake again. The new forum won’t work on it, but that’s Apple’s fault - why not sigh at them instead?

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I think he means the drop down on your device menu. :slight_smile:

I am reading this on my ipad without any problems

If you are having problems, perhaps ask your grandkids for help.

Many users complained about the performance and stability of the forum. The club responded with an updated, and more secure, platform, and still people whine.

Seriously it is a miracle we ever evolved from caveman with such luddite tendencies…

I get the choice where yours reads FAQ! (My iPad is about 3 or 4 years old).


What a charmer!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Will an older iPad running a different browser like Chrome work?

There is a way to update even if might be a bit longwinded:


since the new website started I’ve not received any threads - I used to get them all the time