Oh dear! what happens next?

This came to my attention today, one of those, what happens next?




…double oops

Triple oops and you couldn’t make it up!! Seriously…

Oh dear wondered where my wife got to yesterday.:rofl:

Is that one of those self driving cars or did the driver just claim it was?

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I believe so.
He was in the kitchen, and the car went for a run without his say so.
Either that, or it was a badly timed Windaz 10 download patch.


Whoops! No hill start brake assist and too much wellie! :crazy_face: Or, wrong gear selection, forward instead of reverse!! :anguished: :crazy_face:

I think this topic should have been titled: ‘Driverless Cars - The Future?’

They were expecting the wings to deploy, ok they didn’t quite have it lined up on the ramp for a take off either.:grimacing:

If it was down to wrong gear selection, the driver must have the reactions of a Brontosaurus! Did the driver really intend to engage reverse gear, rev the engine to about 4000rpm and dump the clutch so close to the wall behind.

Mind you a lady driver did manage to damage about 7 cars in the staff car park of a company I used to work at with many witnesses. She selected the wrong gear and didn’t stop until the impact with the last car was severe enough and stopped her!

Probably an Auto, and stamped too hard on the accelerator and panicked :grimacing:

Its a Taycan, ie. electric vehicle. So no gear selection besides drive and reverse. Might be something to do with the car being on a hill and how the torque comes on.

Another Taycan, this time in Turkey. 0-180kph in 14s, caught the driver by surprise, and who couldn’t steer/slow for the rounadabout.

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Thanks! :+1: I’d been wondering what make/model of car it was. :thinking:

Well we’re all in for some fun times if this is an example of how some people are coping with the power delivery of electric cars :grimacing:

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Wouldn’t it have some sort of Emergency Brake/Anti Collision system that would have kicked in just before the first collision or would this be a £5000 option on a Porsche?